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Dear Stephen,

I have been using Neural Network software for nearly two decades now and have used many different NN software suites during this time. So when I came to EasyNN Plus some five years ago, I was immediately impressed and encouraged with the numerous aspects and capabilities of the software. It undoubtedly is one of the best, if not the best in the field for the Neural Networks it processes.

I have to handle extremely large and complex Networks, such that some of them run continuously for over a year, 24 hours by 7 days a week, non stop using the fastest CPU's made. One of my constant major battles and prime tasks is to get as much speed for these networks as possible, in order to shorten their duration. And EasyNN Plus is the most outstanding in this arena, its speed is unmatched saving me not hours, nor days, not even weeks, but MONTHS in processing time on a Network.

Further, the support and guidance that you have given over these years is outstanding. When I reflect on other companies and the support which they offer,  but singularly never deliver on even when they have promised to do so, there is just no comparison between yourself and them. My complete congratulations and gratitude are yours.

Someone asked back in about 2005(?), why I favoured EasyNN Plus against other makes of Neural Network Software, I produced a short answer and a long answer, of which the long answer lists an extensive set of points. Each of the those points itemise how and where EasyNN Plus outperforms other software. This list is on the Yahoo User group website if you care to find it. You may represent both this letter and that list to anyone you choose, and refer them to me, should you wish to do so .

Yours sincerely,

P. Dickens



We have used the EasyNN in a lot of project in our Propane Gas Company for years. We never thought that it could help us in so many task in commercial , operations and financial matters. Your software is simple, smart, useful, powerful and deeply well thought. And the result for us has been really important and absolutely profitable.

Marcelo CortÚs

Operations Manager








Dear Steve,

I'm a mechanical engineer and I use EasyNN  for prediction in mechanical engineering domain. I chosen EasyNN after I tested several ANN software and I think this one is the best for my needs. I also use it in some scientific papers and for exemplifying to my students the utility of ANN in our domain. .

Best regard,
Sorin Ciortan

Sorin Ciortan, PhD
Mechanical Engineering Department
"Dunarea de Jos" University


Hi Steve,

I have been using EasyNN for about two months. I very pleased and very amazed with the results. I use it to model currency trading. With just a few pieces of data, it told me that time of day was a very important parameter. I knew that but EasyNN quantified the importance and ranked it with other parameters. I have changed my trading schedule because of NN. I am prepared to trade at the appointed times.

The NN isn't perfect yet but it has been accurate more than 60% of the time with only 34 data rows. It is fun watching the NN learn.

Thanks for your efforts.

Smile & Giggle,
Joe Wozniak



I use EasyNN to do climate and tropical predictions and version 9.0 and later was a great improvement when you added trimming feature..

When I select certain attributes for best subset for input to neural model EasyNN set with trimming every 10 cycles gets the final best set so best subset is not necessarily the final set its what gives you the least errors and still by setting trimming you weed out still some outliers..

Thanks for all your help. Version 10g has been working great..!




I am extremely happy with the exercises and feedback given in the examples. I used this last year with 17-18 year female students in the study of neural systems. The presentation helped stretch their processing abilities. I am using it now and will have some more time to push a little further. I find this fascinating and attempt to enthuse the Information Processing senior classes. Keep up the great research and publishing.

G Stewart HOD Computing Loreto College, Brisbane.


My first choice in neural network software was an Excel add-on. I found some serious bugs and reported them. The company replied after a few weeks with a recommendation that I bought another Excel add-on for nearly 300 dollars. My experience with EasyNN-plus also resulted in finding a bug. When I reported the bug I received an acknowledgement within a day and a way to avoid the bug. A free upgrade arrived by email two days later with the bug fixed. Keep up the good work.

L. E. Miles


After a week with the free version I had explored everything that is easy about EasyNN and went for the version that costs. After another week I am sure it is worth the money. It works as well as other ANN applications costing a whole lot more and is better than some. Editing is simple making complicated configurations easy to produce.

Stu Richey   Marketing Consultant


A very big neural network model that I need to update every month was taking more than a day to retrain using version 10 on my 4 CPU system. Today I upgraded to version 13 and ran it on the same system with 4 learning threads. It took about 30 minutes to retrain last months update. I am really impressed with such an improvement in speed. 

Leslie E. Miles  


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