Six Simple Getting Started Exercises

The exercises are available in all versions of EasyNN-plus. 

You can start running the exercises from Tips or the Help menu.

After the exercises you may win a free copy of the Full version.

1.  XOR: In the first exercise you will create a very simple neural network to simulate XOR, (exclusive-or). XOR is a logical operator that results in the output being true if one of the inputs, but not both, is true. If both inputs are true the output is false.

2.  Color Circle: The second exercise is slightly more complicated. You will be guided through a series of steps to make a neural network that learns which secondary color is produced when any two of the three primary colors are mixed together.

3.  Races: In this exercise you will import the details of some horse races. The race and horse details will be used to create and train a neural network that can then be used to predict the results of other races.

4.  Baskets: This exercise is to determine shopping habits. You will use the Associating facility to create a series of neural networks from 89 till receipts for shopping baskets, each containing a selection of up to 74 different items. 

5.  Pressure: You will use a series of neural networks created from daily blood pressure measurements to help forecast future health problems.

6.  Network Editor:  In the last exercise you will use the network editor to create more complex neural networks.

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