Set Function

Set Function
Right click a Grid cell or a Network node to open the function menu and then click Edit Function to open the edit dialog. The dialog can be used to enter, select, add and delete functions.
Any function can be set up and then executed on example rows, input columns, output columns, the selected cell or a range of cells.
Functions can also be added to Nodes and Layers of nodes. They will be executed when the nodes are processed while the network is learning the training information in the grid. Some functions can decrease the number of cycles needed for the network to converge. Functions can take time to execute so the changes in learning speed are not easy to predict.
When a function is available it is displayed on the top, left corner of the grid view and on the network view. Functions that have been added to nodes are displayed above the node on the network view.
Execute Function on the Grid
1. Select the Grid view.
2. Right click the target grid cell to open the grid context menu. If a function is available the menu will include the function execution commands.
3. Click the execution command required.
4. The function will be tested.
5. If there are no errors, the function will be executed on the row, column, cell or range of cells.
Add Function to a Node or Layer
1. Select the Network view.
2. Right click a hidden node to open the network context menu. If a function is available the menu will include the function add and remove commands.
3. Click the add or remove command required.
4. The function will be added to or removed from the node or layer.
5. Functions added to nodes and  layers will be executed as the network is learning.


1. Function
Functions are plain text strings and can be entered here.

Stop on fail

2. Stop on fail
Check to stop function execution if any failure occurs.


3. Add
Press to add the function to the library.


4. Next
Press to select the next function from the library.


5. Delete
Press to delete the current function from the library.


6. Close
Press to close the dialog and make the current function available to the grid and network.

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