Import Images

Import Images
EasyNN-plus can import a bitmap file to create a new Grid.
1.     File > New to create a new Grid or File > Open to add images to and existing Grid.
2.     File > Import...
3.     Open the bmp file that is to be imported.
The Import dialog
4.     Check the box if all images in the folder are being imported.
5.     Enter the first row, first column and file name prefix for the images.
6.     Press OK to start the import.

Import all

1. Import all
Check to import all bitmap files in the currently selected folder.


2. Location
The location of the currently selected folder and file.

Image distribution

3. Image distribution
The first row and column to be used for the import.

Image name

4. Image name
The prefix for the image names.

OK button

5. OK button
Press to accept the settings and close the dialog.

Cancel button

6. Cancel button
Press to close the dialog.

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