2nd Import Dialog

2nd Import Dialog
The second Import dialog
1.     Press Next line to step through the file until the first line to be imported is shown. 
          Press First line to go back to the start of the file if needed.
2.     Press Use line or Set names according to the instructions in the dialog.
3.     Set the row types as the file is being imported.
4.     Set the column types and modes when the first line is imported.
5.     Press OK.     The rest of the file will be imported.
EasyNN-plus will prompt for any image file locations it needs while the file is being imported. Warnings will be produced for any lines in the file that are not suitable for the Grid.

Set names

1. Set names
Click to set the names in the Grid

Use line

2. Use line
Click to use the current line

Next line

3. Next line
Click to move to the next line.

First line

4. First line
Click to go back to the first line


5. Cancel
Click to cancel the import.

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