Macros and Scripts

Most of the facilities in EasyNN-plus can be driven from script and macro files.  Scripts and macros are similar and interchangeable. They use the same engine to interpret commands and to drive the EasyNN-plus functions.  The main difference is that scripts are written using a text editor and macros are recorded while EasyNN-plus is being used.

Scripts can include macro functions.  Scripts can be added to macros while recording.  Scripts can be expanded to produce component commands before they are inserted into macros.

Recorded macro functions are in mixed case.
Script commands can be entered in any case. They are listed in lower case.
AddCol Adds a column to the grid in any position.
AddRow Adds a row to the grid in any position.
autosave Saves network while learning if it has improved.
backto Goes back to any place in the script.
createcolumns Creates any number of columns.
ChangeNetwork Changes network by adding extra nodes.
clipcolumn Clips the column to the clipboard.
cliprow Clips to row to the clipboard.
Close Closes the application.
CloseDocument Closes the document.
columntypeandmode Set the column type and mode.
CompleteEditGrid Completes recorded grid edits.
createnetwork Creates a network from the data in the grid.
DeleteCol Deletes a column.
DeleteRow Deletes a row.
disableresults Selectively disables file results of a file query.
disablesinglestep Disables single step facility.
EditCopy Copies selected row to clipboard.
EditCut Cuts selected row to clipboard.
EditGrid Recorded grid edit.
EditPaste Pastes column or row from clipboard to any position.
endofscript Terminates script.
enableresults Selectively enables file results of a file query.
enablesinglestep Enables single step facility.
exit Exits from application.
ExtendRange Extends the minimum or maximum training range.
forget Resets all nodes and weights to random values.
ForgetLearning Forgets any previous learning.
fixedperiodstops Sets counter or timed stops.
ignoreerrors Ignores any errors while script is running.
importbinaryfile Imports a binary file.
importtextfile Imports a txt or csv file.
importxlsfile Imports a xls file.
learningcontrols Sets the learning controls.
logscriptcommands Writes the script commands to a log as they run.
networkreconfiguration Sets the reconfiguration controls.
NewNetwork Create a new network.
open Opens a document.
order Orders the displays into increasing or decreasing values.
paste Paste from the clipboard.
pause Pauses script execution.
query Query from file to create a results file.
refresh Refreshes display.
reset Resets auto save.
readbinaryfile Reads a binary file.
rowtype Set row types.
RunScriptFile Runs a script file.
save Saves the document.
SetAutoSave Sets auto save .
setbinarysize Sets the binary sizes for import.
setview Sets the view.
showwindow Shows or hides a window.
specialfiles Saves anything to txt or csv files.
StartAssociating Starts the associating process.
StartForecasting Starts the forecasting process.
startlearning Starts learning.
stoplearning Stop learning.
targeterrorstops Sets the target error stops.
validatingcontrols Sets the validating controls.
validatingstops Sets the validating stops.
wait Waits for a fixed time.
waitforstop Waits for a process to stop.

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