The Full version has no days of use limits.   It can be used indefinitely.   Grids with any number of rows and hundreds of columns can be created and tested. 


Extra Facilities in the Full version


Saving File Save and Save As are fully enabled.
Exporting Everything in the grid and the network can be saved to tab or comma separated files for use in other applications.
Querying Query from file can be used to create results files that can be used by other applications.
Scripts Scripts can be run to import data, build networks, set controls,  train, validate, query and save to text or CSV files.
Splash The splash screen and all reminders are suppressed when using command line scripts.
Reduction Connections can be reduced to produce minimal networks.
Validating 'Leave some out' enables multi fold cross validating even if only a few training example rows are available.
Pruning Connection pruning is possible while the network is learning.
Clustering Associations and Clusters can be saved to text files.
Subsets Multiple subsets can be produced from a single data source.
Forecasting Values can be Forecast using serial grid columns and the neural networks.
Functions Functions can be set and executed on the Grid or added to the neural networks.
Grid Range Grid ranges can be set to limit functions to parts of the grid.
Cloning Nodes can be cloned while the network is learning.

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th March 2010